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This Is Just A Short Recap Of Evolution By Natural Selection.

Fossils that are found closer to the surface look like organisms of ______ while organisms found deeper in the Earth resemble organisms from the _______?
a) Past; Today
b) Asia; Africa
c) Today; Past
d) The Beginning of Time; The End of Time

Charles Darwin discovered that the birds he studied on different parts of the Galapagos Island have different beak sizes due to their location, even though they have a common ancestor. What is this evidence of Evolution called?
a) Embryology
b) Homologous Structures
c) Geographic Distribution of Living Species
d) Fossil Record

What is Fitness?
a) The ability to survive
b) The ability to die
c) The ability to adapt to your environment and die
d) The ability to survive and reproduce

The wing of a bat, arm of a human, leg of a horse, and fin of a porpoise is said to be __________
a) Homologous Structures
b) Vestigial Structures
c) Different Structures
d) Funny Structures

Evidence suggest that similarities in the early developmental stages suggests that all organisms_______
a) Have nothing in common
b) Are exactly alike
c) Are totally opposites
d) Have a common ancestor

If a drought occurred and only large/hard seeds are available, then which birds would survive?
a) Birds with small beaks
b) All beak sizes will survive
c) Birds with large beaks
d) No birds will survive

There is a long-neck giraffe and a short-neck giraffe that live in the Savannah, overtime a drought happens and food is found only in trees. Overtime, the short-neck giraffe dies and the long-neck giraffe lives and reproduces. This is called?
a) Natural Selection
b) Artificial Selection
c) Immigration
d) Genetics

An example of a vestigial structure is the?
a) Brain
b) Appendix
c) Arm
d) Legs

What is Natural Selection?
a) You make the adaptation yourself and nature does nothing
b) Nature gives you a favorable trait that help you survive in your environment and allows you to reproduce
c) You are in your environment and decide to adjust for whatever you need
d) Nature gives you a favorable trait that makes you die

Homologous Structures means that______________?
a) Organisms have different structures but similar functions
b) Organisms do not have a use for the structures
c) Organisms have nothing in common
d) Organisms have the similar body structures but different functions

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