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Which macromolecule is mainly found in fats and oils?
a) proteins
b) carbohydrates
c) nucleic acids
d) lipids

What is an atom?
a) smallest particle of an element
b) largest part of an element
c) combination of more that two elements
d) mixture of compounds

Which of the following cannot be a compound?
a) carbon dioxide
b) water
c) hydrogen peroxide
d) helium

What is a compound?
a) two or more elements that are chemically combined
b) a pure substance that cannot be broken down by chemical or physical processes
c) particles made of two atoms
d) smallest part of an element

A substance that can't be broken down into a simpler substance
a) compound
b) mixture
c) solution
d) element

Identify the organic compound
a) water
b) salt
c) sugar
d) ammonia

Macromolecule that can act as enzymes are _________
a) proteins
b) lipids
c) amino acids
d) DNA

DNA and RNA are _________.
a) proteins
b) nucleic acids
c) carbohydrates
d) lipids

Cellulose and starch are all __________________.
a) lipids
b) proteins
c) carbohydrates
d) nucleic acids

Proteins are made up of
a) nucleotides
b) sugars
c) amino acids
d) enzymes

Which macromolecule is not part of the cell membrane
a) lipids
b) nucleic acids
c) charbohydrates
d) proteins

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