Magnets And Electricity - Investigation 1 Question Preview (ID: 27981)

The Force.

What object do magnets stick to?
a) copper
b) iron
c) metal
d) hard objects

When a magnet pushes or pulls, it is called...
a) attract
b) repel
c) force
d) temporary magnet

When magnets stick together, we say that they...
a) attract
b) repel
c) force
d) temporary magnet

When magnets push apart, we say that they
a) attract
b) force
c) temporary magnet
d) repel

Besides iron, magnets will also stick to what other object?
a) steel
b) plastic
c) copper
d) cotton

What is a temporary magnet?
a) when a magnet is weak
b) when an object becomes a magnet after touching an iron object
c) a thick magnet
d) a thin magnet

The earth is like a giant....
a) force
b) compass
c) iron
d) magnet

Which of these objects will a magnet be attracted to?
a) straw
b) yarn
c) paperclip
d) aluminum foil

Which object in our classroom is made of steel?
a) door handle
b) filing cabinet
c) chalkboard ledge
d) frame around the window

What is another name for induced magnetism?
a) temporary magnet
b) compass
c) thick magnet
d) thin magnet

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