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Basics Of Magnets.[print questions]

What's a magnet?
a) something that is attracted to or contains iron
b) a metaphor for my love for my girlfriend or boyfriend
c) a property all metals have
d) something found in all rocks

Where is a magnet the strongest?
a) the poles
b) funny - magnets aren't strong
c) the middle
d) when they are dropped to the ground

How are the atoms arranged in a magnet?
a) Magnets don't have atoms
b) The atoms move up down and all around
c) They are all lined up
d) They form a big X pattern

Can a magnet only have a North Pole?
a) No, even when magnets are cut in half they still have both poles
b) Yes, when you find a magnet that has a weak charge.
c) yes, if you cut off the south pole
d) No, magnets have only west and east poles

What material are magnets NOT attracted to?
a) iron
b) copper
c) nickel
d) cobalt

What are ways some animals, such as dolphins, birds, and honey bees, use the Earth\'s magnetic field?
a) Animals don't use Earth's magnetic field because it's invisible.
b) They use the magnetic field to find their food.
c) They use it to find their way home.
d) They use the magnet on their credit card to buy food at Walmart.

What phenomena occurs because of the magnetic field?
a) Magnaquakes
b) Tornadoes
c) auroras
d) Santa farts at the N. Pole

Electrical field lines leave the _____________ go to the _________________.
a) south pole; north pole
b) north pole; south pole
c) center of the magnet; center of the magnet
d) Trick question - magnets don't have field lines

When magnets interact
a) opposites repel
b) opposites attract
c) like attracts
d) magnets don't interact - they aren't even dating!

A region of space that surrounds a magnet and exerts a force on other magnets and objects made of magnetic materials:
a) magnetic field
b) magnetic force
c) MEGA magnet
d) field lines

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