Quiz 11.2 Question Preview (ID: 27976)

Current Events.

Which leader is known most for his work improving working conditions for MIGRANT FARMERS
a) Cesar Chavez
b) Sam Walton
c) Robert Johnson
d) Lionel Sosa

Who is the founder of Wal-Mart?
a) Sam Walton
b) Bill Gates
c) Robert Johnson
d) Lionel Sosa

What is the main benefit of hybrid vehicles?
a) They use less petroleum
b) They go faster
c) They are cheaper
d) They can drive themselves

Who invented computer operating systems?
a) Bill Gates
b) Lionel Sosa
c) Sam Walton
d) Robert Johnson

What invention in the 1990's made worker productivity and accessing information easier?
a) Computers
b) Lightbulbs
c) Vertical Front-lining
d) GPS

What organization brings together the worlds leaders for shared decision-making?
a) United Nations
b) League of Nations

The threat of climate change has led to increased government interest in....
a) Environmental Conservation
b) Lowering taxes
c) Banning assault rifles and machine guns
d) Increased interest in using automobiles

American culture has spread throughout the world, impacting other countries in its effects. What word applies to this?
a) Diffusion
b) Secularization
c) Conservatism
d) Populism

What is it called when a job is shipped overseas?
a) Outsourcing
b) Lobbying
c) Hybridization
d) Diffusion

What is a main reason American politicians don't like it when businesses move to other countries?
a) American workers lose jobs
b) Prices go up in America
c) Inflation can go out of control
d) Oil prices will spike

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