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Which founding document of the United States inspired other countries to fight for their independence?
a) Declaration of Independence
b) The U.S. Constitution
c) The Magna Carta
d) The Versailles Treaty

Which word means 'equality for all people'
a) Egalitarianism
b) Populism
c) Liberty
d) Individualism

Which word means 'freedom from control'?
a) Liberty
b) Populism
c) Egalitarianism
d) Populism

Which theory believes in the rights of each single person?
a) Individualism
b) Egalitarianism
c) Populism
d) Liberty

What is the most important responsibility of a citizen in a democracy?
a) Voting
b) Lobbying
c) Phone banking
d) Going to college

Which Amendment guarantees fair compensation when the government takes your property?
a) 1st
b) 5th
c) 10th
d) 19th

Which term refers to movements led by the 'average person'?
a) Populism
b) Liberalism
c) Conservatism
d) Republicanism

Efforts to persuade others to agree with you're point of view or cause are called...
a) Lobbying
b) Voting
c) Donating
d) Going 'door to door'

Which program provides free health care to the elderly?
a) Medicare
b) Medicaid
c) Social Security
d) Food Stamps

Which program provides free health care to the poor?
a) Medicaid
b) Medicare
c) Social Security
d) Food Stamps

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