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What does la contabilidad mean?
a) art
b) dormitory
c) chalkboard
d) accounting

What does la administracion de empresas mean?
a) accounting
b) business administration
c) chalboard
d) desk

What does la pizarra mean?
a) eraser
b) foreign languages
c) accounting
d) chalkboard

What does el pupitre mean?
a) humanities
b) desk
c) major
d) horario

What does el borrador mean?
a) schedule
b) window
c) word
d) eraser

What does las lenguas extranjeras mean?
a) accounting
b) foreign languages
c) desk
d) classmate

What does las humanidades mean?
a) humanities
b) economic
c) desk
d) foreign languages

What does la especializacion mean?
a) major
b) schedule
c) window
d) word

What does el horario mean?
a) humanities
b) major
c) photograph
d) schedule

What does la ventana and la palabra mean? In order
a) Word and Window
b) Science and Schedule
c) Window and Word
d) Schedule and Science

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