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What is the theatre term that means the process in which an actor tries out for a part in a play?
a) Aside
b) Callback
c) Audition
d) Tryouts

What term means one actor alone on stage speaking a series of lines aloud in order to reveal a character's innermost thoughts?
a) Aside
b) Soliloquy
c) Monologue
d) Ensemble

Which of the below parts of a stage does a THRUST style NOT have:
a) Apron
b) Upstage
c) Backstage
d) Downstage

What does the term Legitimate Theatre mean?
a) The show is approved by the state court.
b) The show has no musical numbers in it with dancing and singing.
c) The show is a play about the legal system.
d) The show has a seal of approval on it.

Which play is NOT one of Shakespeare's tragedies?

What does Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? mean?
a) Romeo, where are you, Romeo?
b) Romeo, what are you, Romeo?
c) Romeo, why are you, Romeo?
d) Romeo, who are you, Romeo?

If a director tells you to add stage business, to a scene, he/she wants you to
a) Add extra dialogue.
b) Fix a problem with the set.
c) Do extra activities that your character would do in that setting.

A ‘Dark House’ is a theatre that:
a) Is closed that night.
b) Is no longer in business.
c) Has no stage lighting.
d) Can only do dark and tragic plays.

Constantin Stanislavski and Standford Misner are best known as:
a) Playwrights
b) Actors
c) Producers
d) Acting teachers

Which of the below things is typically NOT on an actor's resume?
a) High school and/or college G.P.A.
b) Roles played.
c) Height and weight.
d) Special abilities or talents.

When an actor gives his/her name and the title of the piece to be performed, that is called:
a) Salutation
b) Audition
c) Slating
d) Denouement

When a technician angles and adjusts a lighting instrument and its beam of light, this is called
a) Angling
b) Adjustment
c) Hanging
d) Focusing

The _____ is the script for a musical.
a) Libretto
b) Book
c) Legitimate
d) Lines

What is the typical word order for Shakespearean language?
a) Subject-verb-object
b) Object-verb-subject
c) Subject-object-verb
d) Object-subject-verb

Which is the correct order of rehearsals?
a) Blocking rehearsal, dress rehearsal, tech rehearsal
b) Tech rehearsal, blocking rehearsal, dress rehearsal
c) Blocking rehearsal, tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal
d) Dress rehearsal, blocking rehearsal, tech rehearsal

Which term means to add dialogue not already in the script (usually to cover for a mistake)?
a) Improvisation
b) Cue
c) Aside
d) Ad-lib

What does the term equity actor mean?
a) An actor who plays an equal role in all a theater's shows.
b) An actor who is a paid professional and a member of the union.
c) An actor who acts and who does tech work.
d) An actor who only performs in ensemble type shows.

A vocal warm-up can consist of all the below, EXCEPT:
a) Tongue twisters.
b) Deep breathing.
c) Facial massage.
d) Body isolations.

Which of the below parts is NOT considered to be one of the six basic parts of dramatic structure according to Aristotle?
a) Plot
b) Symbolism
c) A royal main character
d) Music

Which of the below people is a German playwright and director who had a major impact on contemporary theatre? His best known plays were : THE THREE PENNY OPERA, MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN, and THE CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE.
a) Henrik Ibsen
b) Bertolt Brecht
c) Constantin Stanislavski
d) Anton Checkov

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