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Bush To Obama.[print questions]

Which famous person's support of Obama significantly helped him win the primary election?
a) Oprah Winfrey
b) Sarah Palin
c) Bill Clinton
d) Ronald Reagan

Which natural disaster led to massive damage in the city of New Orleans during the Bush presidency?
a) Hurricane Katrina
b) The 2006 Haitian Earthquake
c) Indonesian Tsunami
d) The Dust Bowl

What law gave the government the power to check peoples phone and computer records for terrorist activity?
a) Patriot Act
b) No Child Left Behind
c) Pure Food and Drug Act
d) Family Medical Leave Act

What was the main result of 9/11?
a) A global war on terror
b) The election of George W. Bush
c) The 2008 Wall Street Crash
d) The passage of the Affordable Care Act

Who was the first African-American President?
a) Barack Obama
b) Thurgood Marshall
c) Martin Luther King Jr.
d) Malcolm X

Which historic event led to a global war on terror?
a) 9/11
b) Hurricane Katrina
c) The Balkans Crisis
d) The 2000 Election

Who did Barack Obama beat in the 2008 Democratic Primary by surprise?
a) Hillary Clinton
b) Donald Trump
c) Al Gore
d) John McCain

Who won the 2000 presidential election?
a) George W. Bush
b) Jimmy Carter
c) Bill Clinton
d) Barack Obama

In 2000, which third party candidate was a 'spoiler' who took votes away from the Democrat, giving George W. Bush the victory?
a) Ralph Nader
b) Phyllis Sclafly
c) Oprah Winfrey
d) Mitt Romney

Who was the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice?
a) Sonia Sotomayor
b) Cesar Chavez
c) Clarence Thomas
d) Sandra Day O'Connor

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