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Which President led to the rise of the Conservative Movement?
a) Ronald Reagan
b) Bill Clinton
c) Jimmy Carter
d) Barack Obama

What was Reagan's military philosophy?
a) Peace through Strength
b) Isolationism
c) Neutrality
d) Domino Theory

Which of the following would Reagan and the Republicans approve of?
a) Tax cuts and business deregulation
b) Pro-choice support of abortion rights
c) Support of government entitlement programs
d) Expanding health care to all citizens for free

What country was invaded by Iraq in the First Persian Gulf War?
a) Kuwait
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Iran
d) Turkey

Who was the first female Supreme Court Justice?
a) Sandra Day O'Connor
b) Sonia Sotomayor
c) Ruth Bader Ginsburg
d) Hillary Clinton

Which president had the strongest economy since the 1950's?
a) Bill Clinton
b) Ronald Reagan
c) Richard Nixon
d) George W. Bush

Which event in the 1990's showed the importance the media places on politicians personal lives?
a) Monica Lewinsky Scandal
b) Iran-Contra
c) Watergate Scandal
d) Teapot Dome Scandal

America intervened in what region to help stop an ethnic genocide under Bill Clinton?
a) The Balkans
b) The Phillipines
c) Sahara
d) Siberia

What law was passed under Bill Clinton that gave workers benefits when family members become ill?
a) Family and Medical Leave Act
b) No Child Left Behind
c) The Great Society
d) The Affordable Care Act

Which of the following established free trade between America, Mexico and Canada?
a) North American Free Trade Agreement
b) General Agreement on Taxes and Tariffs
c) Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
d) The Trans-Pacific Partnership

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