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A group of ants is called a
a) colony
b) bunch
c) tribe
d) herd

Ants are insects for all the following reasons EXCEPT
a) they have hard shells
b) they have nests under the ground
c) they have six legs
d) they have three body parts

Why do ants fight their enemies
a) to build new nests
b) to steal food
c) to protect themselves
d) to get away from storms

Leaf cutter ants know how to
a) build a fence
b) swim in water
c) make wood
d) grow a garden

Which ants have wings?
a) the queen and males
b) all ants
c) no ants
d) only the queen

Where do ants live?
a) only in warm places
b) everywhere except antarctica
c) only in california
d) everywhere except california

What are the stages of an ant life cycle?
a) egg, larva, adult
b) egg, pupa, adult
c) egg, larva, pupa, adult
d) egg, cocoon, pupa, adult

What do ants not eat
a) poison
b) seeds
c) fruit
d) other insects

What part of the ant is the mandible?
a) head
b) eyes
c) mouth
d) antennas

What statement is true
a) all ants look exactly the same
b) all ants are the same color
c) all ants are the same size
d) ants come in different, shapes, sizes, and colors

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