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How do you know A Drop of Water is nonfiction?
a) It has a problem that readers must solve.
b) It tells what a group of people believed in the past.
c) It has headings that begin sections of related information.
d) It is a story about exaggerated or impossible happenings.

Which of these facts would be MOST important to include in a summary of A Drop of Water?
a) A steel pin can float on water.
b) Water cycles are hard to control.
c) Steam is a very hot water vapor.
d) Water can be a liquid, a solid, or a gas.

Surface tension helps the tiny parts of a drop of water to
a) hold together.
b) form strands.
c) cling to glass.
d) change to a vapor.

Water needs heat in order to
a) stick to surfaces.
b) stay in liquid form.
c) lock its parts together.
d) make six-sided designs.

Which of these is the result of water changing from a gas to a solid?
a) rain
b) dew
c) frost
d) drops

Under which heading are you MOST LIKELY to learn about the water water evaporates?
a) Ice
b) Water Vapor
c) Water's Elastic Surface
d) Condensation

Why did the author write A Drop of Water?
a) to tell what happens when water freezes
b) to explain how water changes and moves
c) to persuade readers to protect our water supply
d) to show what would happen in a world without water

Which would MOST help someone understand the ideas in A Drop of Water?
a) watching experiments that make water change forms
b) looking at snowflakes swirling during a storm
c) looking at frost patterns formed on a window
d) watching water as it flows from a faucet

After Kofi left the room, his dog made Kofi's sandwich ____.
a) shatter
b) accumulate
c) recoil
d) vanish

After each art class, the box of drawing paper was empty and needed ___.
a) underlying
b) yearning
c) replenishing
d) broaching

At the fair, one fun house mirror makes your body look shorter and the next ___ your body.
a) accumulates
b) elongates
c) yearns
d) broaches

During the storm, Alejandro wondered how much snow could finally ___ in his yard.
a) wither
b) accumulate
c) vanish
d) conduct

The soldiers standing at attention in front of the palace were so ___ that I thought they were statues.
a) rigid
b) adjusted
c) elastic
d) rowdy

Ms. Martin was sewing a pair of pants with an ___ waistband so they would be easier to put on.
a) intricate
b) elongated
c) elastic
d) internal

Taina loved watching the builders erect the ___ beams that would support the house.
a) unfathomable
b) replenishing
c) dignified
d) underlying

Because Mercedes had a mind for details, she understood the ___ workings of computers.
a) withered
b) elastic
c) intricate
d) rigid

Which root word is part of the word abbreviation?
a) brev
b) rev
c) viat
d) tion

What is the prefix in the word unavoidable?
a) avoid
b) avoidable
c) able
d) un

What is the suffix in the word unremarkable?
a) un
b) able
c) remark
d) remarkable

What does the word observable mean?
a) not noticed
b) able to be noticed
c) the state of noticing
d) was noticed

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