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South America.[print questions]

Which city did the International Olympic Committee select to host the 2016 Olympics?
a) Sao Paulo
b) Brasilia
c) Rio de Janiero
d) Cancun

What does Rio de Janiero plan to do to the dangerous favelas that surround the city?
a) not allow anyone to enter or leave these locations
b) completely tear down these locations, leaving millions homeless
c) tear down and rebuild in these locations
d) build some venues in these locations to improve their economies

Brazil is the foremost or leading, global producer of what?
a) copper
b) coffee
c) bananas
d) llamas

What types of improvements come to the countries that host the Olympics Games?
a) new buildings are built
b) athletes and tourists from around the world flood a host city and spend money
c) billions watch the Olympics on Television
d) all of these

Which of the following industries contributes to Brazil's economy?
a) agriculture
b) forestry
c) ranching
d) all of these

What is the most profitable economic activity in Peru?
a) agriculture
b) mining
c) tourism
d) manufacturing

Why do widely scattered parts of the world have similar climates?
a) because they have similar longitudes either east or west of the equator
b) because they have similar latitudes either north or south of the equator
c) because they have similar elevations above sea level
d) because they have similar landscapes (mountains, deserts, etc...)

What new crop became profitable in the 1980s for Argentina?
a) corn
b) coffee
c) soybeans
d) asparagus

Chile enjoys a temperate climate that supports an extensive agriculture industry.
a) True
b) False

What is the humid zone in the east Pampas where agriculture abounds?
a) Dry Pampas
b) Wet Pampas
c) Llanos
d) Andes Zone

What is South America's main crop growing region?
a) the Pampas
b) the Llanos
c) the Andes
d) the Amazon River Basin

Where does Cattle grazing takes place in the west Pampas?
a) Dry Pampas
b) Wet Pampas
c) Llanos
d) Andes zone

How much larger in millions of people was the city of Sao Pualo, Brazil in 2010 than it was in 1950?
a) 2 million people
b) 18 million people
c) 50 million people
d) 100 million people

Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian are known as Romance languages because they all come from Greek.
a) True
b) False

What are slums called in Brazil?
a) favelas
b) outskirts
c) brasarios
d) pampas

Which city in Brazil is a cultural and industrial center in South America?
a) Brasilia
b) Lima
c) Sao Paulo
d) Bolivia

Today, Brazil is poised to be a global leader in the production of what?
a) oil
b) biofuel
c) propane
d) smart phones

Which of the following is an example of a product manufactured in Brazil?
a) computers
b) electronic devices
c) steel
d) all of these

Cattle ranching is a big business in Brazil with poultry and leather being export products from this business.
a) True
b) False

South America has so many different languages because
a) it has hundreds of different countries
b) its has many isolated indigenous groups
c) several European countries ruled over different parts of the continent
d) none of these

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