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During the Middle Ages the Catholic Church had become-
a) All-Powerful
b) Universal Arbitrator
c) Worldly and Corrupt
d) Instrument of Peace

The Church sold pardons from sin called-
a) Warrants
b) Indulgences
c) Writs
d) Pardons

Luther felt that _______ and ______ had no power to save people.
a) Kings, Emperors
b) Christians, Muslims
c) Soldiers, Doctors
d) Priests, Pope

Luther felt that people needed ______ alone to be saved.
a) Good Deeds
b) Faith
c) Money
d) Power

Luther condemned the Church's sale of-
a) Weapons
b) Indulgences
c) Church positions
d) Land

In response to the Pope's excommunication Luther formed-
a) the Lutheran Church
b) A Resistance
c) An Army
d) A University

Henry VIII created the Church of England because the Pope would not give him-
a) Wealth
b) Bishops
c) A Divorce
d) Pardons

The Church formed the ______ to combat heretics, people who denied church teachings.
a) Bascilica
b) Council of Trent
c) Inquisition
d) Papal Courts

Luther used the printing press so that individuals could-
a) Make books
b) Read and understand the Bible in their own language
c) Fight the Pope
d) Earth Wealth

Martin Luther refused to recant his writings when he was summoned to the-
a) Papal Estates
b) Venetian Council
c) Diet of Worms
d) Inquisition

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