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Metamorphic rocks are formed from what
a) Heat and pressure
b) weathering
c) cooling of magma
d) layering of sediment

Sedimentary rocks are formed by
a) cooling of magma
b) Heat and pressure
c) layering of sediment
d) melting

Which rock is an igneous rock
a) slate
b) gneiss
c) sandstone
d) granite

What rocks undergo pressure and are cemented together like limestone
a) igneous
b) sedimentary
c) metamorphic
d) all rocks

What type of rock comes from cooled magma ?
a) igneous
b) sedimentary
c) metamorphic
d) all rocks

What is the rock cycle
a) the way to describe how rocks leave the earth forever
b) a way to explain that all rocks stay the same
c) a way to explain the never ending process of how rocks change from one to another
d) all the above

When granite changes to Gneiss what happens
a) Heat and pressure cause igneous to change to metamorphic rocks
b) Heat and pressure cause sedimentary to change to igneous rocks
c) Heat and pressure cause metamorphic to change to igneous rocks
d) Melting and layering cause sedimentary to change to igneous rocks

What rocks are made from small pieces of other rocks ?
a) metamorphic
b) sedimentary
c) igneous
d) All Rocks

What type of rock can ONLY exist because it was changed from an existing rock ?
a) All Rocks
b) metamorphic
c) sedimentary
d) igneous

During the rock cycle sediments can be reduced to powder and flow down streams, or sediments could be cemented together, or pressure and heat can cause changes to form new rocks.
b) False

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