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What often happens when a chemical or physicak change occurs?
a) Change in mass
b) Change in color
c) Change in energy
d) Change in size

Which of the following statements best explains why a substance changes from a liquid to a gas when heated?
a) The heat energy causes molecules to move faster and they move farther apart. Some have enough energy to escape from a liquid
b) A liquid turns into a gas when heated because it expands and the container can no longer hold it. The molecules spill out th
c) The molecules of water change to hydrogen and oxygen. They are gases and escape from the water.
d) Things get bigger when they are heated because the heat causes more motion in the substance. The substance expands into a ga

What kinds of energy are produced by bright fireworks?
a) Electricity, steam
b) Light, heat
c) Sound, magnetism
d) Motion, gravity

A student is making vegetable soup on the stove. He learned in science class that liquids boil at the same temp until they change to a gas. How will what he learned help him cook the soup and save energy?
a) He will turn the heat up so that it just barely boils
b) He will add water to the same soup until it boils
c) He will turn the heat up much hotter than needed for boiling
d) He will turn the heat up a little under where it needs to be for boiling

Students were asked to design an experiment that added or removed energy to a chemical reaction. Which of the following hypothesis would be found in an experiment that tested this?
a) If we heat water and change it to a gas, then it can be collected into a liquid
b) If we heat an ice cube, then it will melt faster
c) If we heat water and add salt, then the salt will dissolve faster
d) If we heat vinegar and add baking soda, then it will react faster

A bag containing several chemicals is used for sports injuries. When the chemicals are combined, the bag becomes cold. What is this evidence of?
a) Physical change
b) Chemical change
c) Nuclear change
d) Atomic change

Electromagnetic energy can be found in
a) Electricity
b) X-rays
c) Wind
d) Heat

The amount of stuff in an object is known as
a) Matter
b) Weight
c) Mass
d) None of the above

______________________ is the amount of space that matter occupies.
a) Mass
b) Matter
c) Energy
d) Volume

A characteristic of matter that can be observed without changing the substance into something else is known as what?
a) Physical property
b) Chemical property
c) Physical change
d) Chemical change

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