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Who is the author of the story?
a) Liam O'Flaherty
b) O. Henry
c) Guy de Maupassant
d) John Steinbeck

to stir up or provoke
a) instigate
b) agile
c) ransack
d) ravage

a small entryway within a building
a) prudence
b) vestibule
c) assertion
d) chronicle

able to move quickly and easily
a) coveted
b) ransack
c) falter
d) agile

to hesitate from lack of courage
a) ransack
b) falter
c) assertion
d) prudence

to search or examine vigorously
a) ravage
b) ransack
c) prudence
d) coveted

the use of the good judgment and common sense
a) chronicle
b) prudence
c) assertion
d) falter

serious damage
a) ravage
b) ransack
c) assertion
d) falter

a serious statement
a) chronicle
b) vestibule
c) instigate
d) assertion

greedily desired or wished for
a) instigate
b) vestibule
c) coveted
d) ransack

a record of events
a) assertion
b) chronicle
c) agile
d) falter

What is Della's most prized possession?
a) her hair
b) her necklace
c) her watch
d) her wedding ring

What is Jim's most prized possession?
a) his wedding ring
b) his wallet
c) his watch
d) his harmonica

Why is Della so upset at the beginning of the story?
a) She lost Jim's gift.
b) She does not have enough money to buy a gift suitable for Jim.
c) She has to cut her hair.
d) She lost her wedding ring.

What does Della wind up buying Jim?
a) a new wallet
b) a puppy
c) a tie
d) a chain for his watch

Jim reacts strangely to Della’s new hair because:
a) He is shallow.
b) She should have asked if she could cut her hair before she went and did it.
c) He knows that he bought something that she can’t use.
d) Short hair does not suit her.

What did Jim buy Della?
a) combs that she had wanted for a long time
b) a hairbrush that she had wanted for a long time
c) a hair clip that she had wanted for a long time
d) a necklace

In The Gift of the Magi, what's the greatest gift?
a) life
b) happiness
c) love
d) money

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