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Ms H Health Science Review.[print questions]

What occupation used manipulation of the body to treat disorders of the skeletal system.
a) Prosthetist
b) Radiologist
c) Orthopedic
d) Chriopractor

What is a ligament?
a) connect bones and hold bones together.
b) the place where two bones meet.
c) means fragile, easy to break.
d) tough connective tissue; forms pads at the end of bones, is found in the nasal septum and inner ear.

Which occupation takes the x-ray or scans of bones?
a) Radiologist
b) Orthopedic Surgeon
c) Radiologist Technician
d) Prosthetist

How many bones are you born with?
a) 300
b) 206
c) 256
d) 326

What type of joint are your hips?
a) Hinge joint
b) Saddle joint
c) Ball and socket joint
d) Pivot joint

What kind of bone is the pelvis?
a) Long bone
b) Short bone
c) Flat bone
d) Irregular bone

What are the functions of a bone
a) Make us taller, learn how to walk, creates calcium in the body.
b) Framework for the body, protect internal structures, allow flexibility.
c) Help to digest food and process food.

What is an example of a short bone
a) Vertebrae
b) Toes
c) Carpals
d) Radius

What is an example of a long bone
a) Femur
b) Phalanges
c) Scapula
d) Ribs

What is not an example of a hinge joint?
a) Fingers
b) Elbows
c) Jaw
d) Neck

What is an example of a fixed joint?
a) Pelvis
b) Vertebral column
c) Cranium
d) Patella

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