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Which foods are a good alternative for those who don't like drinking milk?
a) cream soups, puddings, and lowfat cheese
b) eggs, peanut butter, and dried beans
c) fruits, vegetables, and whole grain bread
d) pasta, rice, and potatoes

Which of the following nutrients are the greatest dieting concern for older adults?
a) folate, calcium, iron, and protein
b) thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and phosphorus
c) vitamins A, C, E, and fluorine
d) Vitamins D, B6, B12, and calcium

How can parents address a child's problem with overweight or obesity?
a) Encourage them to watch more TV.
b) Make them finish their plate at each meal.
c) Encourage them to stop eating when full.
d) Provide candy or chips for snack.

At what age do children need to begin consuming a 3rd serving from the milk group each day?
a) 3 years old
b) 6 years old
c) 9 years old
d) 12 years old

How many times a day do newborns generally need to eat?
a) 3 or 4
b) 5 or 6
c) 7 or 8
d) 9 or 10

What is a good alternative for mothers who are unable to or choose not to breastfeed?
a) Iron-fortified infant formula
b) Soy milk
c) Water
d) Whole cow's milk

What nutrient is often given to infants at birth?
a) Iron
b) Protein
c) Vitamin C
d) Vitamin K

Which of the following should a pregnant woman avoid eating for safety reasons?
a) A well-done hamburger.
b) Broccoli with cheese sauce.
c) Eggnog made with fresh, uncooked eggs.
d) Pasteurized milk.

A key nutritional need during the 1st trimester of pregnancy is the need for _________.
a) folate
b) calcium
c) iron
d) protein

Which of the following foods would help a vegan meet his or her need for zinc?
a) legumes and whole grains
b) leafy green vegetables
c) fortified margarine and milk
d) fortified cereals and soy milk

Poor nutrition in any stage of a person's life cycle can ______.
a) create health problems
b) always be corrected during later stages
c) lengthen the life span
d) all of the above

Pregnant women should follow a diet ________.
a) consisting mainly of dairy products
b) that is nutritious, consisting of a variety of foods
c) that contains no fat
d) that includes twice as many calories

The first solid foods to be introduced into the diets of most babies are __________.
a) dry crackers
b) rice cereal
c) pureed fruit
d) strained meats

Diabetes is a body's lack of or inability to use ________.
a) blood glucose
b) carbohydrate, fat and protein
c) insulin
d) vitamin B12

Which of the following might encourage good eating in a preschool child?
a) large portions
b) bright colored finger foods
c) spicy foods
d) using grown up utensils

During the adolescent growth spurt, teens need ______.
a) less calcium
b) less iron
c) more energy
d) all of the above

Which of the following is NOT a problem affecting the diet of most older adults?
a) busy schedules
b) limited income
c) shopping difficulties
d) mealtime loneliness

A lacto-ovo vegetarian will eat _________.
a) eggs, milk, milk products, and plant foods
b) eggs, milk products, plant foods, and fish
c) milk, milk products plant foods, and chicken
d) cheese, pasta, and seafood

As a group, teens are often at risk of nutritional deficiencies b/c they frequently ____.
a) skip melas
b) limit food intake
c) eat low nutrient density foods
d) all of the above

A response of the body's immune system to a food protein:
a) food allergy
b) diabetes mellitus
c) food intolerance
d) medical diet

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