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When a program runs on a computer, the component that executes the instructions is called the _____________________.
a) video card
b) motherboard
c) CPU
d) memory

Memory that loses its data when power is off is called ____________ memory
b) main
c) volatile
d) non-volatile

Computer CPUs execute ____________ code
a) machine language
b) assembly language
c) high-level language
d) none of the above

RAM, random-access memory, is called that because
a) it is optimized for random number processing
b) accesses are randomized to prevent clogging the control lines
c) data is stored in a random order
d) data can be directly accessed by providing the proper address

Monitors, printers, status lights are all examples of ________________ devices
a) output
b) input
c) processing
d) status

Mice, trackpads, keyboards, scanners, and joysticks are all examples of ___________ devices.
a) input
b) output
c) processing
d) none of the above

What does the acronym “CPU” stand for?
a) computer processing unit
b) core processing unit
c) central processing unit
d) critical processing unit

The main board in a computer that holds the CPU is called a _____________________
a) system board
b) mother board
c) circuit board
d) primary board

Computer memory that retains its data when power is removed is called _____________ memory.
a) structured
b) non-volatile
c) main
d) random access

Hard disk drives, CD ROMs, RAM, ROM and SSD memory are all _____________ devices.
a) processing
b) external
c) data storage
d) breakable

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