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The base shapes of pincurls are most often triangular, square, rectangle, and:
a) stand-up
b) straight
c) crescent
d) indentation

Adding the clients' service total and retail total will achieve which of the following results?
a) average visit
b) average ticket
c) average net profit
d) average appointment

Wearing a coordinated outfit would fall into which of the following style catergories?
a) casual
b) classic
c) gamine
d) romantic

Which type of set allows you to position rollers diagonally and set from multiple points or origin?
a) oblong
b) half oval
c) half circle
d) expanded circle

Short and sturdy body shapes often have:
a) wide shoulder and hips
b) dominant shoulders and average hips
c) neither hips nor shoulders dominant
d) wide shoulder and narrow hips

A dominant protruding forehead and chin with a small nose are characteristics of a :
a) short profile
b) convex profile
c) straight profile
d) concave profile

Which of the following would be achieved by using a pin curl with a closed center?
a) wider wave
b) Smaller and stronger wave, for a fluffy effect
c) weak wave pattern
d) uniform effect

If all appointment times have been scheduled with clients for a given day, it is described as a :
a) Prebook
b) Full Book
c) Client Retention
d) High Market Demand

The visual appearance or feel of a surface that can be smooth or rough is known as?
a) form
b) color
c) shape
d) texture

What part of a curl is positioned around the roller?
a) stem
b) base
c) form
d) circle

Which of the following is not considered a core service?
a) haircut
b) reformation curl
c) facial
d) manicure

One oblong followed by a row of pin curls is called a:
a) skip wave
b) barrel wave
c) transitional wave
d) ridge curl

Which is not a common type of curvature pincurl?
a) flat
b) volume
c) skip wave
d) indentation

A trimmer/edger, is a tool used to:
a) create beveling
b) part and distribute the hair
c) outline and refine the hairline
d) create short lengths within the form

An outward reflection of inner thoughts, feelings, and attitude:
a) personality
b) appearance
c) environment
d) effective communication

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