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Why does the Hubble telescope take clearer pictures than other optical telescopes?
a) it moves around Earth every 97 minutes.
b) It is in orbit above Earth's atmosphere.
c) It is on a mountaintop.
d) It is always in the same place.

What is a tool that makes distant objects appear larger?
a) magnify
b) telescope
c) inner planet
d) outer planet

What type of telescope collects light to magnify objects?
a) radio
b) optical

What type of telescope collects radio waves instead of light?
a) optical
b) radio

What happens when you make an object appear larger?
a) telescope
b) magnify
c) space probe
d) planet

What is the nearest star to Earth?
a) Mars
b) Mercury
c) Venus
d) Sun

What is to move in a path around something?
a) inner planets
b) moon
c) orbit
d) planet

What is a small, rounded body in orbit around a planet?
a) star
b) inner planet
c) moon
d) outer planet

What is the Sun, planets, moons, and other objects that orbit the Sun?
a) inner planets
b) outer planets
c) planet
d) solar system

Compared to Earth, the outer planets are
a) larger and colder
b) smaller and warmer
c) smaller and rockier
d) rainier and sunnier

What is a craft that travels into space with instruments, but not people?
a) telescope
b) space probe

Which planets are Earth's two closest neighbors?
a) Venus and Mars
b) Mars and Mercury
c) Venus and Mercury
d) Mars and Jupiter

What is a very large planet made up of mostly gases?
a) star
b) planet
c) gas giant
d) moon

Rings, gases, and many moons describes
a) Jupiter only
b) Saturn only
c) Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune only
d) all of the outer planets

The moon is a sphere of hot gases that give off heat and light.
a) True
b) False

Earth is one of the outer planets.
a) True
b) False

Earth's orbit is a path around the Sun.
a) True
b) False

You want to observe the changing position of the Sun. Which safety rule should you follow?
a) Use a telescope.
b) Look straight at the Sun.
c) Never look straight at the Sun.

How is a star different than a planet?
a) A star is solid and rocky.
b) A star is made of dust and ice.
c) A star is a ball of hot gases.
d) A star is made of frozen gases.

How are stars and planets alike?
a) Both are similiar in size.
b) Both are made of hot gases.
c) Both look like points of light in the night sky.
d) Both are made of ice and rocks.

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