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Physics Unit.[print questions]

Which is the best reason for not using a moving car as a reference point?
a) The car will get out of sight too quickly.
b) It is difficult to tell people which car you are using.
c) It is difficult to determine in which direction motion is occuring.
d) The car has moving parts. like rolling tires that can be distracting.

Which of the following is the best reference point for describing the motion of the planets in our solar system?
a) A spaceship in orbit about Earth.
b) The center of the Milky Way.
c) Earth
d) The sun

Jeff is in a stationary school bus in the front of his school. Which of these is the best reference point for him to use to determine when the bus starts to move?
a) The front entrance of the school.
b) The school bus next to his bus.
c) A car waiting to pick up another student.
d) A student walking on the sidewalk.

If a car traveled 78 miles in 1.30 hours, what speed was the car traveling? (Speed=Distance/Time)
a) 65mph
b) 60mph
c) 52mph
d) 60min

The SI unit for measuring distance is the ________.
a) meter
b) distance
c) longitude
d) kilogram

____________ is the length of the path between two points.
a) Meter
b) Distance
c) Kilometer
d) Centimeter

A ___________________ is a place or object used for comparison to determine if something is in motion.
a) graph
b) dot
c) Reference point

David pushes on a book cart with 50N of force. The cart will not start moving unless David overcomes 10N of friction. What is the net force on the cart when David starts pushing? (
a) 10N
b) 50N
c) 60N
d) 40N

a) Force
b) Speed
c) Time
d) Power

The unit of work is the ___________
a) Newton
b) MPH
c) Joule

The unit of power is the ___________.
a) Watt
b) Joule
c) Speed
d) MPH

The force you exert when you use a machine is the __________.
a) Output force
b) Input force
c) Equilibrium
d) Net Force

The force exerted by the machine is the _____________.
a) Input force
b) Output force
c) Net force
d) Time

Divide output work by input work and multiply by 100% to find a machine's.....
a) Efficiency
b) Output work
c) Time
d) Watt

The fixed point that a lever pivots around is the _______.
a) wedge
b) screw
c) plane
d) fulcrum

A single fixed pulley changes the ____________ of a force.
a) axle
b) weight
c) direction

A system of fixed and __________ pulleys is called a block and tackle.
a) moveable
b) immovable

Work is done on an object when the object moves in the same direction as the force applied.
a) True
b) False

The more power you use to move an object, the more work you do.
a) True
b) False, Force
c) False, Watts

The farther you move an object, the more work you do.
a) False
b) True

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