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What must often be added to increase the speed or ability of 2 substances to react?
a) A bigger container
b) Adding water
c) More substances
d) Adding heat

Which physical change does a swamp cooler use to cool the air?
a) Gas to liquid
b) Solid to liquid
c) Liquid to solid
d) Liquid to gas

Which if these is an example of energy involved in a chemical change?
a) Dropping a rock
b) Burning a candle
c) Freezing an ice cube
d) Heating a burner on stove top

Toni & Juan decide to do an experiment where one will drop food coloring into hot water; the other will do the same in cold water. Based on your knowledge of energy, predict the results
a) The coloring will move through both containers of water at the same speed because water always has the same energy
b) The coloring will float on top of the water until you put energy into it by stirring it
c) The coloring will move through the hot water faster because hot water has more energy
d) The coloring will move through the cold water faster because cold water has more energy

How does adding heat affect liquid water?
a) It becomes a solid
b) Its molecules move faster
c) New substances form
d) A color change is produced

Which of the following is an example of how understanding chemical change helps people?
a) The invention of plastics allowed new ways of making things
b) The launching of weather ballons made better weather forecasts
c) Underwater submarines discovered seafloor mountains
d) Increasing crop production allowed a rise in human populations

What does liquid water need to change into water vapor?
a) Heat energy
b) A test tube
c) A thermometer
d) Stirring

The boiling point of water at sea level is 100 degrees Celsius. What phase would you expect water to be in if it were heated to 110 degrees Celsius?
a) Solid, because the molecules are moving more slowly
b) Liquid, because some of the molecules are still boiling at 110 degrees
c) Gas, because all the molecules have enough energy to have escaped at 110 degrees
d) Plasma, because all of the molecules have enough energy to glow

When lighting a match, why must it be drawn rapidly along a rough surface?
a) It is traditional
b) To provide an electrical spark
c) The rough surface shortens the match
d) To provide heat to start the reaction

As warm air rises, it cools, condenses and freezes in the upper atmosphere. What happens as it falls back to Earth?
a) It undergoes no chemical or physical change
b) It undergoes a physical change from a solid to a liquid
c) It undergoes a chemical change from a solid to a gas
d) It undergoes a chemical change from a solid to a liquid

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