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What does ANDUVIERON mean?
a) We rode
b) They brought
c) They rode
d) We heard

What does QUISO mean?
a) He wanted
b) I wanted
c) He felt
d) I quit

What does MURIERON mean?
a) They felt
b) He began
c) He died
d) They died

What does SEQUE mean?
a) I took out
b) I dried
c) I fished
d) I died

What does OYO mean?
a) He heard
b) He knew
c) I heard
d) I knew

How do you say THEY MEASURED in Spanish?
a) Miden
b) Measuren
c) Midieron
d) Measurieron

How do you say HE FELL in Spanish?
a) Cayo
b) Caye
c) Cayio
d) Cayay

How do you say YOU LOOKED FOR in Spanish?
a) Buscae
b) Busque
c) Busco
d) Buscaste

How do you say HE MADE in Spanish?
a) Hico
b) Hizo
c) Hice
d) Hize

How do you say THEY FELT in Spanish?
a) Sintiero
b) Sentieron
c) Sintieron
d) Sintien

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