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A sedentary job is one in which an employee might:
a) Work at home or telecommute.
b) Spend much of the day sitting.
c) Do repetitive functions or tasks.
d) Work primarily out of doors.

A person with a lawn-mowing business has an outdoor:
a) Retail business.
b) Work environment.
c) Career Center
d) Interest Inventory.

When researching careers, it is best to start by:
a) Using O*Net and the OOH.
b) Asking the librarian.
c) Looking only at encyclopedias.
d) Using the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature.

Plagiarism is:
a) Paraphrasing ideas from a book and citing the source.
b) Speaking and using the ideas or writings of another as one’s own.
c) Citing sources of information in the bibliography.
d) Quoting an author directly as part of a research paper.

Which Internet resource is replacing the DOT (Dictionary of Occupational Titles)?
a) SOC
b) O*Net
c) OOH
d) GOE

The Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT)/O*Net describes:
a) Job duties and work characteristics.
b) Physical strength required for different occupations.
c) Occupations by interest.
d) Sources of on-line information.

A book that describes various careers and the future for those careers:
a) Dictionary of Occupational Titles.
b) Occupational Outlook Handbook.
c) Guide for Occupational Exploration.
d) Exploring Career Decisions Curriculum Guide.

Career planning in adulthood is important because:
a) People no longer have to learn.
b) Careers in adulthood are stable.
c) People change jobs and careers.
d) It is required for retirement.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is an excellent career resource because it:
a) Lists every known occupation.
b) Lists the same information about every job.
c) Is updated every ten years.
d) Is required to be in every school library.

A well-defined road map to achieving a career goal is a/an:
a) Alternate plan.
b) Course of study.
c) Career plan.
d) Timeline.

Which of the following is NOT a career information guide?
a) Dictionary of Occupational Titles
b) Occupational Outlook Handbook/O*Net
c) Guide to Occupational Exploration
d) Readers’ Guide to Periodic Literature

Researching a career to find out whether jobs will be available in that field in the future can help determine:
a) The work environment.
b) A career outlook.
c) The fringe benefits.
d) The education and training.

Updating the individual career plan ensures that the student:
a) Can change career direction as needed.
b) Can choose classes with friends.
c) Is able to identify personal skills.
d) Is awarded scholarships.

Making a career choice to work out-of-doors will mean:
a) Not having to use a computer.
b) More freedom on the job.
c) Learning to adapt to the environment.
d) Making less money than jobs done indoors.

The fastest declining occupations are in the field of:
a) Agriculture.
b) Medical sciences.
c) Retail.
d) Public services.

The Dictionary of Occupational Titles:
a) Gives a definition of thousands of careers.
b) Puts occupations into fifteen categories.
c) Lists twelve main interest areas and careers.
d) Is based on the sixteen Career Clusters.

Which is found on the CFNC web site?
a) Employment information for the United States
b) Education information specific to North Carolina
c) Learning Styles Inventory
d) College Transcripts

A career cluster is:
a) A group of jobs that are similar to one another.
b) A group of occupations that are in different pathways.
c) A job grouping used in the DOT/O*NET.
d) Classified by type of work environment.

Which is a component of a research paper?
a) Salutation
b) References
c) Closure
d) Subject line

College information specific to North Carolina can be accessed at which Internet site?

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