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What are some ways to keep your security safe?
a) set up a password for your computer
b) tell everyone your password
c) dont have a password
d) none of the above

true or false: You should always keep you r computer clean.
a) false
b) true
c) I don't know
d) none of the above

What should you always do to your hard drive?
a) nothing
b) unplug it
c) use it alot
d) reorganize your files

What should you do to the stuff you dont need?
a) keep it
b) dump/delete it
c) use it
d) none of the above

Should you alway install the right software?
a) only if you want
b) no
c) maybe
d) yes

What should you always do to your operating system?
a) update it
b) smell it
c) draw on it
d) none of the above

What should you do before you install?
a) color your computer
b) don't think just install
c) think
d) smell your computer

a) fc
b) c
c) bn
d) x

a) dg
b) v
c) d
d) s

a) d
b) bg
c) f
d) s

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