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Voters in every locality must elect the
a) Clerk of the Circuit Court
b) City Manager
c) City Council
d) Council of Representatives

Who is hired by the city council?
a) City Manager
b) Clerk of the Court
c) Attorney General
d) Governor

Who is the chief executive of a city?
a) Mayor
b) School board
c) Governor
d) President

Who makes the laws in a county?
a) Board of Supervisors
b) Governor
c) Mayor
d) President

Which group helps to carry out the laws?
a) Cabinet officers
b) Ambassadors
c) Judges
d) Chiefs

Who is hired by the local legislators?
a) County Manager
b) Mayor
c) Clerk of the Court
d) Supervisor

The people of Virginia vote on a law.
a) True
b) False

The ______ holds executive powers in a city.
a) Mayor
b) Town Council
c) Sheriff
d) Manager

The president is acting as chief of state when he
a) makes speeches
b) interacts with foreign officials
c) orders troops into war
d) vetoes a law

The president is acting as chief legislator when he
a) vetoes a law
b) interacts with foreign officials
c) orders troops into war
d) makes speeches

The president is acting as chief diplomat when he
a) interacts with foreign officials
b) vetoes a law
c) orders troops into war
d) makes speeches

What article established the executive branch?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

The _____ is the leader of the executive branch
a) President
b) Chief Governor
c) Lieutenant Chief
d) Boss

The power of preparing a budget belongs to the __ branch
a) Executive
b) Judicial
c) Legislative

The power of appointing a judge belongs to the
a) Executive Branch
b) Legislative Branch
c) Judicial Branch

Residents of a city elect members to the
a) City Council
b) Council of Representatives
c) Clerks of the Court
d) Cabinet officers

Which of the following is NOT a requirement for president
a) Graduate from college
b) 35 years old
c) Natural born citizen
d) 14-year resident

What is amnesty?
a) A pardon
b) A virus
c) A rule
d) A principle

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