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What should be ordered following a chest tube removal?
a) Urinalysis
b) Chest Xray
c) CBC, Electrolyte panel
d) Blood cultures

The Dr decides to remove a chest tube. What do you observe the patient for?
a) Cardiac rhythm
b) Neurological changes
c) Any changes in respiratory status
d) Diabetic changes

Nursing responsibility for chest tubes include:
a) Keep all connections unsecure
b) Keep chest tube above the chest
c) Keep water filled at proper level
d) Keep chest tube away from patient

54 yo Male s/p right pleural effusion with 1 chest tube. As his nurse what do you want to encourage?
a) Stay in bed all day
b) OOB to chair and ambulate in hallway
c) Refuse all activity
d) Do not take pain medicine

What is the best treatment for a patient with pleural effusion?
a) Central line
b) MRI
c) IV fluids
d) Chest tube placement

What is an example of pleural effusion?
a) Pus
b) Blood
c) Air
d) Urine

What is the hemothorax?
a) Air within the pleural space
b) Blood within the pleural space
c) Fluid within the pleural space

What is a pneumothorax?
a) Collection of blood in the pleural space
b) Collection of air in the pleural space
c) Collection of fluid in the pleural space
d) Normal lung

A patient with chest trauma should be observed for which type of condition?
a) Pneumothorax
b) Hemothorax
c) Pleural effusion
d) Bronchitis

A chest tube can be removed
a) At the bedside
b) In the operating room
c) Can never be removed
d) by a nurse only

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