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The Prime Meridian is at what degree of longitude?
a) 1 degrees
b) 2 degrees
c) 3 degrees
d) zero degrees

The equator is called the ___.
a) zero line of longitude
b) zero line of latitude
c) zero line of hemispheres
d) halfway mark

The longitude line at 180 degrees is called the ___.
a) Equator
b) Prime Meridian
c) International Date Line
d) Tropic of Cancer

What continent is known for being a peninsula of peninsulas?
a) North America
b) Asia
c) Central America
d) Europe

What major ocean is missing from this list: Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean?
a) Antarctica Ocean
b) Antarctic Ocean
c) Arctic Ocean
d) Atlantis Ocean

What is the Tropic of Capricorn's latitude line degree?
a) 23.5 degrees west
b) 23.5 degrees north
c) 23.5 degrees south
d) 23.5 degrees east

What is the Tropic of Cancer's latitude line degree?
a) 23.5 degrees south
b) 23.5 degrees north
c) 23.5 degrees east
d) 23.5 degrees west

What country lies in the middle of the ocean and is also a continent?
a) Asia
b) Antarctica
c) Australia
d) Europe

The events of a timeline would go in what order?
a) chronologically from the years.
b) chronologically from the events.
c) chronologically from the latest to the earliest date.
d) chronologically from the earliest to the latest date.

When looking at a timeline, it is important to read what first?
a) the contents of the timeline
b) the title of the timeline
c) the years on the timeline
d) the design of the timeline

If I had to travel from Paris to Berlin, I would take the train via Belgium. What does via mean?
a) to go under
b) to go through
c) to go beyond
d) to always go north

If you had to calculate the distance traveled from Country A to Country B, what would be necessary on a map?
a) the compass rose
b) the legend
c) the scale
d) the intermediate directions

Country A has a GDP per capita of $30,200 and Country B has a GDP of $64,800, which country is more developed?
a) Country A
b) Country B
c) They are both equally developed.
d) They are both developing

The zero degree line of latitude is called ___.
a) The Equator
b) The Prime Meridian
c) The International Date Line
d) The Tropic of Cancer

What continent is located south of North America?
a) Asia
b) Europe
c) South America
d) Africa

The Tropic of Cancer is located at which latitude line?
a) 23.5 degrees south latitude
b) 23.5 degrees north latitude
c) 22.5 degrees south latitude
d) 22.5 degrees north latitude

The zero line of longitude is called ___.
a) The Equator
b) The Prime Meridian
c) The International Date Line
d) The Tropic of Cancer

Russia belongs to what continent?
a) Europe
b) Asia
c) Africa
d) Antarctica

What does the scale of a map indicate?
a) the direction
b) the elevation
c) the distance
d) the topography

What indicator would you look at to determine crowdedness?
a) population
b) life expectancy
c) population destiny
d) population density

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