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U.S. History.[print questions]

Which item was part of Hamilton's economic plan?
a) decrease tariffs
b) nullify state debts
c) the Bank of the United States
d) starting political parties

Who served as George Washington's Secretary of State?
a) Alexander Hamilton
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) John Adams
d) James Madison

The results of the election of 1796 were unexpected because
a) the President and Vice President were not from the same party.
b) George Washington was elected for a third term.
c) it led to war with France.
d) it showed that the United States would stay neutral.

What was one result of Jay's Treaty?
a) The United States went to war with France.
b) The United States went to war with Britain.
c) President Washington decided not to run for President again.
d) The United States avoided war with Britain.

The rebellion of farmers during Washington's presidency was a reaction to
a) a tax placed on whiskey
b) attacks by Native Americans
c) Jay's Treaty
d) a tariff

Which event took place first?
a) Alien and Sedition Acts are passed.
b) Congress approves Jay's Treaty.
c) Washington becomes President.
d) First political parties are formed.

Who was the leader of the Federalists?
a) James Madison
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Alexander Hamilton
d) George Clinton

The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions were passed as a result of
a) the Alien and Sedition Acts
b) the French Revolution
c) Jay's Treaty
d) the XYZ Affair

Which of the following ideas did Thomas Jefferson support?
a) State governments should be stronger than the federal government.
b) Only educated people should lead the nation.
c) The Constitution should be interpreted loosely.
d) The government should encourage manufacturing over farming.

Why did the XYZ Affair anger so many Americans?
a) French ships were seizing American ships.
b) The French threatened to join Britain in a war against the United States.
c) President Adams ignored the threats by France.
d) French agents tried to bribe the United States.

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