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Using physical observations instead of religious teachings to make conclusions is called-
a) Daoism
b) Feudalism
c) Secularism
d) Humanism

During the Renaissance Europeans focused on the learnings of-
a) Greece and Rome
b) Africa and Asia
c) India and China
d) The Americas

A technique where a painting looks like you are seeing it from your eye is called
a) Modernism
b) Perspective
c) Classical
d) Humanism

Before the Renaissance European art borrowed elements from
a) India
b) China
c) Persia
d) Byzantine

Renaissance Art and Architecture used elements from-
a) Greece and Rome
b) Byzantium and Egypt
c) China and India
d) Japan and Korea

Focusing on the individual worth and glorifying the human form is called-
a) Modernism
b) Secularism
c) Humanism
d) Republicanism

One who funds a project for a person is called a-
a) King
b) Patron
c) Banker
d) Merchant

The name of this famous painting is-
a) The Mona Lisa
b) The Creation of Adam
c) David
d) The Divine Right

A major reason the Renaissance began in Italy was that -
a) Few Europeans had migrated to the area
b) Italian merchants benefited from trade with the Americas
c) Italian farmers produced great agricultural surpluses on vast plains
d) Italy city-states had grown wealthy from trade with Europe and Asia

Which statement expresses a belief shared by most Renaissance humanist philosophers?
a) People should study secular as well as sacred matters
b) Governments should establish overseas empires
c) People should withdraw from the world to worship God
d) Scholars should follow Church teachings without question

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