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Semester 1 Exam.[print questions]

Why is the Court case Marbury v. Madison such an important court case
a) Made slavery illegal
b) Citizens did not have to quarter soldiers in their homes
c) Made Barney Fife Sheriff of Mayberry
d) It established judicial review

Who wrote Common Sense
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Paine
c) John Adams
d) Thomas Jefferson

What did Hamilton ask Congress to create to build a strong national economy
a) A stronger navy
b) A national bank
c) The president's cabinet
d) The stock market

The court case McCulloch v. Maryland
a) Dealt with the creation of the national bank
b) The necessary and proper clause from the Constitution was used
c) When state and national power conflict, national power is supreme
d) All of the above

One of the major issues dividing the Federalists and Republican parties was
a) How to divide tup the nation's wealth in a fair way
b) How many terms a president should serve
c) How large and powerful the federal government should be
d) Whether there should be both a president and vice president

The states' right theory of the Consitution holds that states
a) Have very limited powers
b) Must obey all federal laws
c) Choose the nation's president
d) May nullify federal laws

Supporters of the New Constitution were known as
a) Republicans
b) Patriots
c) Federalists
d) Anti-federalists

Why did Washington call up an army to crush the Whiskey Rebellion?
a) He saw the rebellion as a threat to the authority of the new governemnt
b) He feared the rebels might stir up a bloody revolution like that in France
c) He felt he had to protect tax collectors at work in the Appalachians
d) He preferred leading an army to leading the national government

Why did delegates at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 agree to create a bicameral legislature
a) as a way to insure speedy passage of legislation
b) as a way to assure the right to vote to all adult males
c) as a way to satisfy the different interests of the rich and poor citizens
d) as a way to balance the differences between the large and small states

During the debates over the ratification of the United States Constitution, Federalists and Anti-Federalists disagreed most strongly over which idea
a) division of powers between the national and state governments
b) provision for admitting new states to the Union
c) distribution of power between the Senate and the House of Representatives
d) method of amending the Constitution

When the United States Constitution was written, what was the purpose of the Three-Fifths Compromise
a) to settle the dispute between Federalists and Anti-Federalists
b) to settle the dispute about representation between slave states and non-slave states
c) to settle the dispute about allowing slavery in the nation
d) to settle the dispute about how many senators would be elected from each state

Why did the founders choose to create an electoral college to elect the President
a) They wanted to carry out the election most fairly
b) They wanted to ensure all voters had an equal say
c) They distrusted state lawmakers’ ability to make wise choices
d) They distrusted ordinary Americans’ ability to make good decisions

Why did the Articles of Confederation fail
a) The President could not sign laws
b) The court system could not agree on laws
c) Congress could not force states to pay taxes
d) The king did not support them

At the Constitutional Convention of 1787, delegates from the small states most strongly supported which idea
a) levying taxes on exports
b) establishing a strong national executive
c) equal representation for the states in the national legislature
d) popular election of Senators

Who was chosen by the Second Continental Congress to command its new Continental Army
a) John Adams
b) George Washington
c) William Howe
d) Henry Knox

The Declaration of Independence was written to explain
a) Why the colonists thought “taxation without representation” was unfair
b) What Britain needed to do to win back the loyalty of the colonies
c) Why it was time for the colonies to separate from Great Britain
d) What other nations could do to help the colonies win their freedom

What is federalism
a) shared power between the national and state governments
b) states retain most of the power
c) the central/national government has all the power
d) states can veto federal laws

What is a republic
a) a government in which there is a two-party system
b) a government in which elected officials have limited terms
c) a government in which government power is limited by checks and balances
d) a government where representatives are elected by the people

Shays’ Rebellion is most remembered today because it
a) threatened law and order in Massachusetts
b) shocked congress into calling for a Constitutional Convention
c) dramatized the money problems faced by poor farmers
d) showed how well the Articles of Confederation worked

The Preamble lists the
a) Goals of the government
b) Powers of the Congress
c) Limits on the government power
d) Rights of the people

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