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How the plates move and interact is known as the...
a) continental drift theory
b) theory of Pangaea
c) theory of plate tectonics
d) theory of evolution

Divergent boundaries are when plates...
a) collide
b) separate
c) slide past each other
d) move under another plate

Sea-floor spreading forms
a) mountains
b) rift valleys
c) mid-ocean ridges
d) trenches

Subduction is when plates
a) collide
b) separate
c) slide past each other
d) move under another plate

The Marianas Trench was formed by
a) sea-floor spreading
b) earthquakes
c) subduction
d) volcanoes

Transform boundaries are known for causing...
a) volcanoes
b) earthquakes
c) rift valleys
d) trenches

The Himalayas are an example of...
a) a convergent boundary
b) a divergent boundary
c) a transform boundary
d) subduction

The African Rift Valley is due to plates that are...
a) diverging
b) converging
c) transforming
d) subducting

In the Atlantic mid-ocean ridge, the OLDER land is...
a) found closer to the ridge
b) found further from the ridge
c) destroyed
d) pushed out of the water

Our tectonic plates are composed of...
a) the crust
b) the mantle
c) the lithosphere
d) the upper mantle

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