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Released EOG Questions On Aquatic And Marine Ecosystems. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which will most likely result if there is increased upwelling in a coastal area?
a) more aquatic life
b) less nutrients in the water
c) higher water temperatures
d) fewer nitrates

Which best determines the health of a lake used as a source of freshwater?
a) its depth and width
b) its temperature and pH
c) its location and depth
d) its temperature and depth

Why is water from an aquifer more likely to be cleaner than water from other sources?
a) because it forms where fresh and salt water meet
b) because it receives water directly from precipitation
c) because it rises to the surface near the ocean
d) because pollutants are filtered by rock and soil deep within Earth

In which oceanic zone do clams and crabs survive by burrowing in the sand?
a) oceanic
b) intertidal
c) deep ocean
d) open ocean

If a body of water has high turbidity levels, what can most likely be conclude
a) It has a low pH.
b) It is unsafe to drink.
c) It is too hot to drink.
d) It contains a lot of chemicals.

Which best describes the characteristics of a river basin?
a) the land drained by a river and its tributaries
b) the land formed when rivers create estuaries and marshes
c) the land at the mouth of a river where water flows into the ocean
d) the land formed as a result of a river flooding

Which factors can have the greatest effect on the health of a river system?
a) type of soil and salinity
b) nitrate levels and turbidity
c) human consumption and pH
d) natural disasters and tidal changes

In the United States, which is responsible for ensuring the safety of the country’s drinking water?
a) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
b) Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
c) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
d) Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Which describes the hydrosphere?
a) all of Earth’s organisms and the environments in which they live
b) a layer of Earth’s atmosphere made up primarily of concentrated ozone
c) all of the water in Earth’s oceans, lakes, seas, rivers, and glaciers, plus the water in the atmosphere
d) a layer of underground water stored in permeable rocks

Which is most likely an example of point source pollution?
a) rertilizer sprayed onto a field
b) trash floating in the ocean
c) runoff from a city street
d) a pipe flowing into a river

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