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What tool allows you to make a selection in the shape of a rectangle?
a) Marquee Tool
b) Magic Wand Tool
c) Gradient Tool
d) Lasso Tool

What is the number of pixels displayed per unit of printed length within an image referred to as?
a) Image Resolution
b) Resizing
c) Resampling
d) Pixel Percentage

What tools allows you to remove/erase part of a layer using a free-hand method?
a) Eraser Tool
b) Crop Tool
c) Marquee Tool
d) Magic Wand Tool

Which tool allows you to select an area of an image and discard everything outside of this area?
a) Crop Tool
b) Clone Stamp Tool
c) Eraser Tool
d) Smudge Tool

Images created in Photoshop are automatically save as what type of files?
a) .PSD
b) .PNG
c) .JPEG
d) .GIF

What is the stand-alone application that serves as the hub for the Adobe Creative Suite?
a) Adobe Bridge
b) Adobe Photoshop
c) Adobe InDesign
d) Adobe Illustrator

What are the events recorded within the History palette called?
a) States
b) Cache
c) Steps
d) Layers

What refers to the amount of transparency a layer has?
a) Opacity
b) Contrast
c) Brightness
d) Color Balance

What does the color mode RGB stand for?
a) Red, Green, and Blue
b) Real Graphic Backgrounds
c) Reduction Graphic Blending
d) Red, Grey, Black

What does orientation of an image refer to?
a) It is the direction in which an image appears on the page.
b) It is the shape of the image.
c) It refers to the image mode of an image.
d) It refers to the type of digital image that is being used.

In the stacking order, which layer would appear first in an image?
a) The top layer
b) The bottom layer
c) Whichever layer is selected
d) The background layer

Which tool selects a portion of the image on the basis of similarly colored pixels?
a) Magic Wand Tool
b) Gradient Tool
c) Paint Brush Tool
d) Smudge Tool

What does CMYK color mode stand for?
a) Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black
b) Cyan, Maroon, Yellow, Blue
c) Codec, Max, Light, Dark
d) Red, Green, Blue, White

This tool selects color from the pixels you click on in the image.
a) Eyedropper Tool
b) Paint Brush Tool
c) Gradient Tool
d) Eraser Tool

What is the term for an individual dot of color and light that is the basic unit used to create digital images?
a) Pixel
b) Swatch
c) Unit
d) Dot

Which tool looks like a pointing finger and blends the pixels within the image creating a blurred/blended effect?
a) Smudge Tool
b) Eraser Tool
c) Move Tool
d) Gradient Tool

This menu option allows you to control which options you view in the work space.
a) Window
b) Layer
c) Edit
d) Filter

This tool allows you to apply color, in various sizes/patterns, to the canvas.
a) Paint Brush Tool
b) Smudge Tool
c) Clone Stamp Tool
d) Magic Wand Tool

This tool lets you select and apply a range of colors (usually as a background)
a) Gradient Tool
b) Paint Brush Tool
c) Clone Stamp Tool
d) Marquee Tool

This tool can copy and recreate a portion of an image.
a) Clone Stamp Tool
b) Magic Wand Tool
c) Gradient Tool
d) Zoom Tool

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