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What do we call a chick while it is developing inside the egg?
a) chick to be
b) unhatched chick
c) embryo
d) rooster

How many days does it take for a chick to hatch from an egg?
a) 12 days
b) 21 days
c) 41 days
d) 13 days

An incubator provides the eggs with the right environment to live and grow. What 3 things does the incubator provide?
a) the right temperature (warmth), moisture, and safety
b) carbon dioxide, rest, and the right temperature (warmth)
c) a quiet place, a dry environment, the right temperature (warmth)
d) food, moisture, and safety

Why are there ventilation holes in the incubator?
a) To provide warmth for the eggs
b) The eggs might begin to smell bad in the incubator
c) The eggs need oxygen and fresh air
d) So students can see the eggs

Why is water poured into the water pan of the incubator each day?
a) The eggs get dirty and need to be cleaned
b) The water keeps the air inside the incubator and the eggs moist
c) So that the incubator runs all night
d) To clean the incubator

Embryology is the study of what?
a) How plants live and grow
b) Extinct plants and animals
c) How an embryo develops
d) How a frog develops

What does the embryo use for food while it is inside the egg?
a) yolk
b) germ spot
c) air cell
d) fertilized

Why do we need to turn the eggs 3 times per day?
a) To wake the chicks up
b) To give the embryo fresh oxygen
c) To prevent the embryo from sticking to the shell
d) To make sure that the embryo has food

What body part will the chick use to break out of its shell?
a) feet
b) egg tooth
c) head
d) wing

The temperature in the incubator may not be the same in different spots. What do we do to make sure the eggs have the right temperature while inside the incubator?
a) Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature, and rotate the eggs to different parts of the incubator
b) Change the thermostat every hour
c) Move the incubator to a different place in the classroom
d) Hold the eggs in our hands

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