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John needs to key his name and the date as a FOOTER. Where will this information be located?
a) Bottom of every page
b) Bottom of first page only
c) Top of every page
d) Top of first page

Which punctuation style is used when there is not a colon in the salutation?
a) Open punctuation
b) Mixed punctuation
c) Closed punctuation
d) Block Style

What is the line spacing after the dateline in a Letter?
a) Single
b) Double
c) Triple
d) Quadrupal

What type of notation should be used if a map were included in the envelope with the letter?
a) Copy
b) Enclosure
c) Typist Initials
d) Attachment

Linda wants to left align her text at 3 inches on the horizontal ruler. What feature would she use?
a) Alignment
b) Boarders
c) Tabs
d) Bullets

What should the side margins be set in a letter?
a) 1 inch
b) 1.5 inches
c) 2 inches
d) 2.5 inches

When keying, what operator is used if Donna adds color, bolds, and underline in the document?
a) Align Text
b) Format Font
c) Set Orientation
d) Set Toolbar

Harry is keeping a document using word processing software. Which feature should be enabled to enter text in the middle of a document WITHOUT deleting existing text?
a) Caps Lock
b) Enter Key
c) Insert Key
d) Space Bar

What is the line spacing used WITHIN the paragraphs of a letter?
a) Single
b) Double
c) Triple
d) Quadrupal

What is the line spacing between the author's typed name and the enclosure notation?
a) Single
b) Double
c) Triple
d) Quadrupal

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