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Which is the strongest manufactured board with thin sheets of wood glued together?
a) plywood
b) blockboard
c) particleboard/chipboard
d) hardboard

consists of a core of softwood strips faced with a veneer
a) hardboard
b) particleboard/chipboard
c) blockboard
d) plywood

consists of wood chips and saw mill shavings bonded together, brittle, less expensive
a) blockboard
b) mdf
c) hardboard
d) particleboard/chipboard

made from wood fibers treated with chemicals, water resistant, thin and cheap
a) particleboard/chipboard
b) MDF
c) hardboard
d) blockboard

stands for medium-density fiberboard and is made from sawdust and has a smooth, even surface
a) particleboard/chipboard
b) MDF
c) plywood
d) hardboard

fastest growing woody plant in the world and stronger than most hardwoods, versatile
a) cypress
b) palm
c) tamarack
d) bamboo

materials that can be repeatedly softened by heating and hardened by cooling
a) thermoplastics
b) thermoset plastics
c) biosets
d) ceramics

can be heated only once
a) thermoplastics
b) ceramics
c) thermoset plastics
d) bioplastics

Which is an example of an acid?
a) egg whites
b) ammonia
c) vinegar
d) sodium hydroxide

Which is an example of a base?
a) orange juice
b) egg whites
c) coffee
d) rain

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