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Which of the following is a product made using biotechnology?
a) bread
b) cheese
c) penicillin
d) all of these

One example of biotechnology is the process of making fuel from...
a) oil spills
b) corn
c) stem cells
d) cheese

How long have people been using processes that are considered forms of biotechnology?
a) thousands of years
b) 1,000 years
c) 150 years
d) 20 years

Which of these careers would a student studying biotechnology most likely pursue
a) electrical engineering
b) agricultural research
c) astronomy
d) geology

Which is a way the agricultural biotec hnology industry could have a positive impact on the environment?
a) by producing crops that are virus resistant
b) by making robots to replace large farm machines
c) by reducing the need for counties to import food
d) by increasing the use of wind farms to produce electricity

What is involved in creating genetically modified bacteria?
a) allowing them to reproduce freely
b) changing their food source
c) using biotechnology techniques
d) growing them on selected plants

Biotechnology is defined as....
a) using dead organisms in order to produce products
b) using artificially made materials to produce products
c) using living organisms to make useful products
d) none of these

Which project is most likely to interest a scientist working at a biotechnology company?
a) study and reconstruction of fossilized bones
b) conservation of key species within an ecosystem
c) development of genetically modified corn plants
d) prevention of sewage leaking into water supply

Strawberries have been genetically modified to resist frost. How is this a benefit to growers in NC?
a) a longer growing season
b) a pest resistant berry
c) a larger berry
d) easier harvesting

An organism that is an exact genetic copy of another organism is known as a ...
a) copycat
b) clone
c) sibling
d) all of these

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