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_____________ is when an organism, or part of an organism, looks like another organism.
a) Mimicry
b) Camouflage
c) Migrating
d) A niche

An animal is said to ____________ when it moves to another region when seasons change.
a) hibernate
b) be in a niche
c) be camouflaged
d) migrate

An animal is said to _________ when it goes into a deep sleep to help it survive the winter.
a) be extinct
b) be a species
c) hibernate
d) migrate

is the place where an organism lives.
a) A niche
b) A habitat
c) A fossil
d) An era

The preserved traces and remains of an organism that lived long ago is ____________.
a) a fossil
b) extinct
c) a species
d) a niche

When the last member of a species has died, we say it is ____________.
a) camouflaged
b) a fossil
c) hibernating
d) extinct

A major division of the geologic time scale that has many millions of years is ___________.
a) an adaptation
b) a fossil
c) an era
d) a niche

____________ is something that helps an organism survive.
a) An adaptation
b) Camouflage
c) An era
d) A niche

___________ is a physical characteristic that hels an animal hide.
a) An adaptation
b) Camouflage
c) An era
d) A fossil

A _________ is an organism's place, or *job*, in its ecosystem that helps it compete with other organisms and survive.
a) habitat
b) niche
c) species
d) paleontologist

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