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Identify the preposition: 'The soccer game will take place near the park.'
a) Game
b) Will
c) Near
d) Park

Identify the preposition: 'The Dr. Pepper should be next to the Sprite.'
a) Dr. Pepper
b) Next to
c) Should
d) Be

Identify the preposition: 'I got vanilla-scented soap instead of apple-scented soap.'
a) Got
b) Apple
c) Instead of
d) Soap

Identify the preposition: 'She placed the book under her pillow.'
a) Placed
b) Book
c) Pillow
d) Under

Identify the Preposition: 'The library is through those yellow doors.
a) Through
b) Yellow
c) Is
d) Library

Identify the Preposition: 'The quick, brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.'
a) Quick
b) Over
c) Lazy
d) Jumped

Identify the preposition: 'The ball landed outside the yard.'
a) Landed
b) Yard
c) Outside
d) Ball

Identify the Preposition: 'Milla and Jude met on the lake.'
a) On
b) Met
c) Jude
d) Lake

Identify the preposition: 'She tried to play the game despite the warnings telling her not to.'
a) Despite
b) Tried
c) Telling
d) Not

Identify the preposition: 'We saw a monster go down that hallway.'
a) Monster
b) Go
c) Down
d) Saw

Identify the preposition: 'We came all the way from Braum's.'
a) We
b) The
c) From
d) All

Identify the preposition: 'He waited inside the grocery store.'
a) Grocery
b) Waited
c) Store
d) Inside

Identify the preposition: 'Maria was grounded for punching and breaking the TV.'
a) For
b) TV
c) Breaking
d) Punching

Identify the preposition: 'Excepting little Suzy, everyone finished their science projects.'
a) Little
b) Their
c) Everyone
d) Excepting

Identify the preposition: 'Someone fell during the race.'
a) Fell
b) During
c) Race
d) Someone

Identify the preposition: 'Contrary to what this label says, this probably isn't flammable.'
a) This
b) Probably
c) What
d) Contrary to

Identify the preposition: 'Everyone but John liked singing.'
a) But
b) Liked
c) John
d) Everyone

Identify the Preposition: 'She walked by the lake every single day.'
a) Walked
b) By
c) Single
d) Every

Identify the preposition: 'Beyond this house is a cruel world.'
a) World
b) House
c) Beyond
d) This

Identify the preposition: The group danced until dawn.
a) Danced
b) Dawn
c) Until
d) Group

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