Chapter 5 Plate Tectonics Question Preview (ID: 27806)

Earth Science Review Of Heat Transfer, Continental Drift, And Plate Tectonics.[print questions]

Much of the indirect evidence about Earth's internal structure comes from these.
a) drill sites
b) behavior of seismic waves
c) ocean currents
d) rotation of Earth and the other planets

The layer of Earth on which we live is called _____
a) crust
b) mantle
c) inner core
d) outer core

The upper layer of the mantle and the crust form this rigid layer.
a) asthenosphere
b) core
c) lithosphere
d) cuticle

This layer of the mantle has the texture of softened tar.
a) lithosphere
b) core
c) epidermis
d) asthenosphere

True or false- Heat energy moves from hot substances to cooler substances.
a) true
b) false

What kind of heat transfer occurs when objects are in direct contact?
a) radiation
b) conduction
c) convection
d) transpiration

This heat transfer is by currents within a fluid.
a) radiation
b) conduction
c) convection
d) sublimation

Who developed the idea of Continental Drift?
a) J. Tuzo Wilson
b) Harry Hess
c) Robert Ballard
d) Alfred Wegener

Why was Continental Drift not accepted by other scientists?
a) no mechanism was provided
b) there no proof that continents were once touching
c) the scientists was a known crack pot
d) only fossil evidence was provided

What is the mid ocean ridge?
a) deep trenches near Japan
b) an underwater chain of volcanic mountains
c) a scientific research vessel
d) a vent of heated water

What theory was proposed by Harry Hess?
a) Continental Drift
b) Plate Tectonics
c) heliocentrism
d) Sea Floor Spreading

Which of these is NOT evidence of sea floor spreading?
a) Rocks increase in age as you get further from the mid ocean ridge.
b) There are matching magnetic stripes on the ocean floor.
c) South America fits next to Africa.
d) There is molten material emerging from the mid ocean ridge.

What process occurs at trenches?
a) New ocean floor is created.
b) Older oceanic rock sinks into the mantle.
c) The sea floor spreads.
d) Underwater mountains are created.

Who combined and sea floor spreading into Continental Drift one theory called Plate Tectonics?
a) J. Tuzo Wilson
b) Alfred Wegener
c) Harry Hess
d) Ptolemy

What is believed to be the mechanism that moves the crustal plates?
a) convection currents in the mantle
b) ocean water currents
c) radiation from the Sun
d) the plates do not move.

What kind of boundary is found at the mid-ocean ridge?
a) convergent
b) divergent
c) transform
d) nonbinding

What kind of plate boundary created the Himalayan Mountains?
a) convergent
b) divergent
c) transform
d) international

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