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Which type of logical fallacy is used here?: I started exercising twice a week, and I just got a babysitting job. Exercising leads to new jobs!
a) either/or fallacy
b) false cause and effect, or post-hoc argument
c) hasty generalization
d) circular reasoning

Which of the following is an example of name-calling?
a) I--not Lynn--should be president because I'm vice president.
b) Alan can't help row because he's not strong enough.
c) Mark isn't the right man for the job because he's a coward.
d) Mom said not to touch the baby because I'm sick.

A logical fallacy is
a) reasoning that may seem to make sense but is false
b) a logical way of misleading readers and listeners
c) a sneaky way of presenting supporting evidence
d) reasoning that uses too much evidence as support

A stereotype differs from a hasty generalization in that stereotype
a) is based on insufficient evidence.
b) sometimes deals with people.
c) is too broad a statement
d) always deals with groups of individuals

Choose a statement that would be a commonplace assertion for this claim: Road to Glory is a skateboarder's paradise.
a) Road to Glory is an established name in the skateboarding industry.
b) Young people in this area have few places devoted exclusively to them.
c) Tony Valdez purchased the Hit-the-Streets package, and he was very satisfied with his day at the skateboard park.
d) Exercise strengthens the body and mind.

Which of the following are necessary parts of a logical argument?
a) logical fallacies
b) solid reasons and evidence
c) name-calling and circular reasoning
d) hasty generalizations

Which statement below is an emotional appeal?
a) Making the wrong financial choices can have devastating, life-altering effects.
b) Expanding our advertising for the annual street fair will increase attendance.
c) Quieter study locations would help students retain more information.
d) If we renovate the neglected homes, our neighborhood will be more attractive.

(1)Is your computer acting up? (2)Can't fix it? (3)Don't know who to call? (4)We're here to help! (5)Kay Computer Care is the best choice to fix your tech woes. (6) Experienced tech support and low cost! Which sentence is the claim?
a) Sentence (1)
b) Sentence (2)
c) Sentence (5)
d) Sentence (6)

Which sentence gives a reason that supports the writer's claim?
a) The school tardiness policy needs to be revised.
b) Students should not be punished for circumstances that are out of their control.
c) For instance, the city busses tennd to run late in the wintertime.
d) Students should not be forced to wake up an hour early just to be sure that they're not five minutes late.

What type of evidence is used in the following sentence: For instance, the city buses tend to run late in the wintertime.
a) a quotation
b) a statistic
c) an example
d) an anecdote

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