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Identify the preposition: 'We put the Christmas tree together after Thanksgiving.'
a) Christmas
b) Together
c) Thanksgiving
d) After

Identify the Preposition: 'She threw her phone against the wall and accidentally cracked the screen.'
a) And
b) Screen
c) Against
d) Threw

Identify the preposition: 'The only thing standing between them was a wall.'
a) Only
b) Was
c) Them
d) Between

Identify the preposition: 'She kept her drink beside her dish.'
a) Her
b) Kept
c) Beside
d) Drink

Identify the Preposition: 'There could be worse things than monsters below your bed.'
a) Bed
b) Below
c) Than
d) Could

I swung the bat experimentally, but accidentally hit someone behind me.'
a) Experimentally
b) Hit
c) Behind
d) Someone

Identify the preposition: 'The bunny hopped around the tree.'
a) Around
b) Hopped
c) Tree
d) Bunny

Identify the preposition: 'He ran across the courtyard frantically.'
a) Ran
b) Frantically
c) Across
d) He

Identify the preposition: 'According to the instructions, we should add some bacon.'
a) According to
b) Should
c) Add
d) We

Identify the preposition: 'The jacket hung above the ground.'
a) The
b) Above
c) Ground
d) Hung

Identify the preposition: 'I've never had someone that knows me like you do.'
a) That
b) Me
c) Do
d) Like

Identify the preposition: 'I can not live without quality memes.'
a) Can
b) Without
c) Memes
d) I

Identify the linking verb: 'The world looks so much brighter with you by my side.'
a) Looks
b) So
c) By
d) With

Identify the linking verb: 'Hannah is a salt factory in English.'
a) Salt
b) In
c) Is
d) English

Identify the helping verb: 'For the first time in forever, I could be noticed by someone.'
a) Be
b) For
c) Could
d) In

Identify the preposition: 'Aye, Calypso, I sing to your spirit.'
a) Your
b) Sing
c) Aye
d) To

Identify the preposition: 'This could be the start of something new.'
a) Start
b) Of
c) Could
d) Be

Which of these is not a helping verb?
a) Am
b) Did
c) From
d) Having

Which of these is not a linking verb?
a) In
b) Become
c) Taste
d) Grow

Which of these is not a preposition?
a) Off
b) Seem
c) Versus
d) Before

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