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High pressure systems generally brings...
a) cool, dry air
b) cool, wet air
c) warm, dry air
d) warm, wet air

Air pressure moves...
a) from high pressure to low pressure
b) from low pressure to high pressure
c) from cold pressure to warm pressure
d) from warm pressure to cold pressure

The weight of air pressing down on the Earth; it causes the air to move from place to place.
a) air pressure
b) atmosphere
c) climate
d) air mass

Clouds high in the atmosphere that are made of tiny ice crystals; signal that the weather will change within 24 hours.
a) cirrus
b) stratus
c) cumulus
d) cumulonimbus

Clouds of middle altitude, large, puffy, and sometimes creative shapes; usually seen during fair weather
a) cumulus
b) cumulonimbus
c) stratus
d) cirrus

Thick, vertical clouds that produce thunderstorms
a) cumulonimbus
b) stratus
c) cumulus
d) cirrus

A collection of millions of tiny water droplets or ice crystals
a) cloud
b) atmosphere
c) air pressure
d) air mass

Clouds of low altitude, they’re thin and stretch out across the sky, and block out sunlight
a) stratus
b) cumulus
c) cumulonimbus
d) altocumulus

A scientist who studies weather
a) meteorologist
b) biologist
c) anthropologist
d) entomologist

Any form of water that falls from the sky
a) precipitation
b) condensation
c) evaporation
d) transpiration

The average weather conditions of an area over a very long period of time
a) climate
b) weather
c) atmosphere
d) air pressure

Elevation especially above sea level or above the Earth’s surface
a) altitude
b) attitude
c) atmosphere
d) air pressure

Weather instrument used to measure air pressure
a) barometer
b) anemometer
c) thermometer
d) hygrometer

The state of the atmosphere at a certain time and place
a) weather
b) climate
c) warm front
d) cold front

The movement of air caused by cool air over the ocean moving toward the land
a) sea breeze
b) land breeze
c) warm front
d) cold front

The amount of water vapor in the air
a) humidity
b) stratus
c) condensation
d) atmosphere

A large body of air that has the same temperature and level of humidity throughout
a) air mass
b) atmosphere
c) water cycle
d) air pressure

Low pressure systems generally bring...
a) warm, moist air
b) warm, dry air
c) cool, moist air
d) cool, dry air

A meteorologist uses a _______ to measure the wind's speed.
a) anemometer
b) thermometer
c) hygrometer
d) barometer

The jet stream of the United States mostly moves _______ .
a) from west to east
b) from east to west
c) from north to south
d) from south to north

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