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What is the largest artery in the body?
a) carotid
b) cardiac
c) venous
d) aortic

What is the largest bone in the leg called?
a) tibia
b) femur
c) scapula
d) fibium

What was the name of the disease that makes you feel small or large?
a) The Fainting Frenchman
b) The invisible disease
c) The shrinking person syndrome
d) Alice in Wonderland

The blood is part of the
a) Circulatory system
b) Digestive system
c) Cardiac System
d) Arteries

Heavy bleeding is called
a) hemostatis
b) hypovolemic
c) hemorrhage
d) haven't a clue

A sphygmomanometer measure
a) your pulse
b) your heart rate
c) your breathing volume
d) your blood pressure

The vascular system is a network of
a) little arteries
b) capillaries
c) little blood vessels
d) veins

Name a part of the heart
a) aorta
b) left ventricle
c) right ventricle
d) all of the above

Why are people concerned about the H1N1 flu?
a) They are just being paranoid
b) It might mutate into a deadly form
c) It kills more elderly than any other
d) It can turn into HIV

What does ABC stand for in first aid?
a) airway, breathing, call for help
b) acess, breathing, cardiac
c) airway, breathing, cardiac
d) access, breathing, call for help

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