Chemical Bonds 3 Question Preview (ID: 278)

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An atom that is no longer neutral because it has gained or lost an electron
a) Molecule
b) Compound
c) Ion
d) Bond

When atoms combine to fill their outer energy shell
a) Molecule
b) Compound
c) Chemical Bond
d) Element Bond

A neutral particle formed when atoms share electrons
a) molecule
b) Compound
c) Ion
d) Polar Bond

The number that is written below in a formula
a) Symbol
b) Subscript
c) Superscript
d) oxidation number

The attraction that holds positive and negative ions together
a) covalent bond
b) Polar Bond
c) Non polar bond
d) ionic bond

A combination of chemcial symbols and numbers that show what a molecule is made of
a) Formula
b) Element
c) Dot Diagram
d) The periodic table

Which of the following is an example of a polar molecule
a) NaCl
b) H2
c) H2O
d) C2

Which of the following is an example of an ionic bond
a) H2O
b) CO2
c) G2
d) NaCl

What is the strongest type of bond?
a) Covalent
b) Ionic
c) Cation
d) Anion

What type of bond is able to dissolves more substances?
a) Ionic
b) Polar
c) Non Polar
d) They all dissolve equally

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