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Which of these depends on gravity?
a) Mass
b) Weight

Which of these is a homogenous solution?
a) Wood
b) Pizza
c) Steel
d) Dirt

Which is a chemical change?
a) Grinding metal.
b) Hammering gold.
c) Digesting food.
d) Melting ice.

Which of these is heterogeneous?
a) Lucky Charms
b) Distilled Water
c) Ice.
d) Air.

Which of these is a chemical property?
a) Density
b) Flammability
c) Solubility
d) Boiling

Which of these is NOT a pure substance?
a) Diamond
b) Graphite
c) Distilled Water
d) Orange Juice

Which of these is NOT a chemical change.
a) Baking a cake.
b) Chopping wood.
c) Lighting a bunsen beurner.
d) An apple rots.

Which of these is NOT an element?
a) Americium
b) Vendium
c) Einsteinium
d) Neptunium

Which of these is NOT Heterogeneous?
a) Tossed salad
b) Nitric Acid
c) Granite
d) Raisin Bread

WHich of these is a compound?
a) Diamond
b) Ice
c) Gold
d) Graphite

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