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If the legislative branch passes a law and the President dislikes it, what can he do?
a) Sign it into law
b) Veto the law
c) Complain about it
d) Throw a temper tantrum

Which side was against the ratification of the Constitution?
a) Anti-federalist
b) Federalist
c) White wealthy landowners
d) Corporations

Which side supported ratification of the Constitution?
a) Federalist
b) Anti-federalist

Which branch makes the laws and can impeach the President?
a) Executive
b) Judicial
c) Legislative
d) State Government

Which branch can consider a law unconstitutional?
a) Executive
b) Legislative
c) Judicial

Who was considered 3/5ths of a person?
a) Scottish
b) IRish
c) Africans
d) British

Who has supreme reign over laws in the U.S?
a) State Governments
b) Federal Governments
c) Mooresville mayor
d) School Board

Why did the framers and other wealthy white men meet at the Constitution Convention in 1787?
a) To amend the Articles of Confederation
b) To discuss the war with Great Britain
c) To discuss how life was so bad and they needed to get the King George's help
d) Nothing, they had everything

Ultimately, who would the Constitution benefit?
a) White Men with large amounts of land
b) Nobody, it was an fair document
c) Women because they get the right to vote in 1780
d) Slaves

Who was excluded from voting?
a) Slaves and poor whites
b) White wealthy men
c) politicians
d) doctors and vets

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